Balanced Solution for Solvents

With unique properties that make them ideal for different uses, all our products have been screened through an extensive set of regulatory and environmental, health and safety criteria. This range of products includes solvent solutions that are biodegradable, non-VOC and non-flammable, and none contain any listed carcinogens.

INVISTA DBA (Dibasic Acid)

Organic acids have been used successfully in coal-burning power plants since 1980. Natural, inhibited and forced oxidation units all have the potential to use INVISTA DBA additives with limestone scrubbers. An aliphatic dibasic acid product containing primarily glutaric, succinic and adipic acids, INVISTA DBA is specially processed to minimize other components, particularly nitric acids and metals.


  • pH buffer for lime and limestone SO2 scrubbers  
  • Polyester polyols for polyurethanes and polyisocyanurates 
  • Scale removers and cleaning applications
  • Polyester resins 
  • Water treatment chemicals 
  • Tanning agents 




Whether you’re a formulator or end user, INVISTA DBE™ esters are flexible, cost-effective solvent solutions that can help meet your needs amid a rapidly evolving regulatory environment. Our DBE™ esters are mixtures of refined dicarboxylic dimethyl esters (dimethyl succinate, dimethyl glutarate and dimethyl adipate) and can also be fractionated into additional products containing different ratios of succinate glutarate and adipate esters.

Our esters have served a variety of applications for more than 30 years across different categories, including:

  • Adhesives
  • Agricultural carrier solvents
  • Cleaners
  • Coatings
  • Foundry core binders / silicate binders
  • Methylene chloride alternatives
  • Oilfield chemicals
  • Paint strippers
  • Pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals
  • Pigments 
  • Plasticizers
  • Polyurethane polyols
  • Recycling solvents
  • Soil stabilization
  • Wet-strength paper resins




Our DBE™ LVP esters have been tailored to meet the low vapor pressure and volatile organic compound (LVP-VOC) criteria established by the California Air Resources Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency VOC exemption for consumer and institutional products.


All components of our DBE™ esters (including dimethyl succinate, dimethyl glutarate and dimethyl adipate) are readily biodegradable.  

INVISTA DBE™ esters are manufactured from recovered and refined materials that would otherwise be burned, treated, disposed or landfilled, giving INVISTA DBE™ esters at least a 55% recycled content. 


From the fibers in your carpet to the plastic in your automobiles, INVISTA’s commitment to continuous improvement has led its employees to develop some of the most durable, versatile polymers and fibers in the world. A subsidiary of Koch Industries since 2004, INVISTA brings to market the proprietary ingredients for nylon 6,6, while its chemical intermediates division serves diverse markets worldwide with both building-block intermediates and specialty materials. INVISTA also provides value-added solutions for customers in apparel, polyurethanes, transportation, coatings, building materials, fragrances and printing inks.

SDS/Product Stewardship

For assistance with obtaining a product SDS or with questions relating to product stewardship, please contact the INVISTA representative in your region.

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