The range of solubility characteristics found in the family of FlexiSolv® products provides flexibility in how you meet your cleaning requirements. Whether you are a formulator of cleaning products or an end-user in an industrial setting, there is a FlexiSolv® product for you. The ability of FlexiSolv® DBE® esters to dissolve many industrial soils makes it the product of choice in many areas where cleaning is needed. Examples of application areas are in resin clean-up, paint booth cleaning, degreasing, industrial cleaning, graffiti and hand-cleaning in an industrial setting. The low miscibility of FlexiSolv® DBE® esters with water makes for easy separation from effluent, and recycling if required.

Product Features
FlexiSolv® DBE® esters
  • high flash point, slow evaporation, near neutral pH applications
FlexiSolv® DBE®-LVP esters
  • when a reduction in VOC content is desired