FlexiSolv® Esters

Product Description
FlexiSolv® DBE® esters FlexiSolv® DBE® esters are mixtures of refined dicarboxylic dimethylesters (dimethyl succinate, dimethyl glutarate, and dimethyl adipate). The mixture of all three is designated FlexiSolv® DBE® esters. FlexiSolv® DBE® esters can also be fractionated into six other products (FlexiSolv® DBE®-2 esters, FlexiSolv® DBE®-3 esters, FlexiSolv® DBE®-4 ester, FlexiSolv® DBE®-5 ester, FlexiSolv® DBE®-6 ester, and FlexiSolv® DBE®-9 esters) which contain different ratios of the succinate, glutarate, and adipate esters.
FlexiSolv® DBE®-LVP esters FlexiSolv® DBE®-LVP esters is offered by INVISTA for consumer and institutional product applications in the United States. This product has been tailored to meet the low vapor pressure - volatile organic compound (LVP-VOC) criteria established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) VOC exemption for consumer and institutional products.
FlexiSolv® DBE® MIR.23 esters and FlexiSolv® DBE® MIR.51 esters FlexiSolv® DBE® MIR.23 esters and FlexiSolv® DBE® MIR.51 esters are specifically designed for the aerosol coatings market. The products offer increased flexibility to formulators of aerosol coatings faced with meeting federal and state regulations limiting the volatile organic compounds in their products based on photochemical reactivity as measured by the Maximum Incremental Reactivity (MIR) scale.