INVISTA launches FlexiSolv® solvent solutions

Specialty materials business targets European cleaning industry with alternative, semi-formulated solvents

INVISTA introduces FlexiSolv® solvent solutions, a new and growing product line designed to meet the diverse needs of the global cleaning market.

INVISTA’s DBE® esters have served the need for solvents with desirable regulatory attributes, cost effectiveness and performance in a variety of applications for over 30 years. INVISTA Emerging Solvents is now building on this legacy by adding innovative products to its new FlexiSolv™ solvent solutions product line.

One of the newest additions to the family of FlexiSolv® solvent solutions is a line of water-dilutable microemulsions. These semi-formulated products deliver a range of performance characteristics and are compatible with a wide variety of other solvents and additives without losing their stability.

“FlexiSolv® microemulsions let you do more with less because some of the solvent in a formulation is replaced by water,” said Nadine de Vries, vice president of INVISTA’s Emerging Solvents business. “They can be used by the end-user ‘as-is,’ or by the formulator as the core in a fully-formulated product. Because of their flexibility, FlexiSolv® microemulsions provide an excellent solution for formulators who are looking to reduce the time and cost of getting their products to market.”

In addition to its ease of handling and range of solvent performance properties, the family of FlexiSolv® solvent solutions is designed to align with the global trend toward alternative solvents.

“With FlexiSolv® solvent solutions, we seek to anticipate the market’s evolving health and environmental preferences,” said de Vries. “In a market facing increasing attention and regulation around many ingredient chemicals, INVISTA’s FlexiSolv® solvent solutions offer attractive alternatives to end users as well as formulators.”

While the properties of each product are unique, the ingredients in FlexiSolv® solvent solutions were screened through an extensive set of regulatory and environmental, health, and safety criteria. Attributes of products within the family of FlexiSolv® solvent solutions include biodegradable [OECD methods], non-VOC [EU Solvent Emissions Directive 1999/13/EC], and non-flammable [GHS Chapter 2.6], as well as being listed on most international chemical inventories. In addition, none of the known components are listed as carcinogens [According to NTP, IARC, ACGIH, EU - Dangerous Substances Directive (67/548/EEC) - Annex I, and California Proposition 65].

FlexiSolv® solvent solutions have applications in paint stripping, graffiti removal, floor cleaning, degreasing, flux cleaning, resin cleaning, adhesive removal, and ink removal, among others.

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Jodie Stutzman

INVISTA Public Affairs