DBE® esters - Coatings

DBE® esters are used extensively in coating applications. Coating applications include coil coatings, can coatings, industrial coatings, decorative or architectural coatings, and inks. DBE® esters have a combination of high solvency and slow evaporation enabling them to perform well as a "tails solvent" in coating formulations. As a tails solvent, they are the last solvents to leave the system, providing desirable final coatings properties and leaving a high-gloss finish.

DBE® esters are high-boiling, oxygenated solvents that provide a wide range of flexibility in coatings formulations. Their miscibility with most organic solvents and excellent solvency for a wide range of resins makes them ideal for coatings applications. DBE® esters have been used successfully in coatings applications with alkyd, acrylic, polyesters, vinyl copolymer and other resins.

DBE® esters offer good flow and leveling characteristics to coatings compositions. In coil coatings applications, DBE® esters have been demonstrated to reduce solvent popping, reduce orange peel, improve gloss, and provide better pigment hiding. Formulators can expect a 3% to 5% increase in actual hiding performance when using DBE® esters. Evaporation rates can be modified by blending with other solvents or diluents if needed. The evaporation rates for DBE® esters and some of the more common solvents are given below:

*Ethylene glycol ethyl ether acetate (CAS 111-15-9)** Dipropylene glycol methyl ether (CAS 299 11-28-2)

By using a less viscous solvent such as DBE® esters, the viscosity of the coating solution can be reduced without lowering the polymer molecular weight or solids content. This makes DBE® esters an attractive solvent for high solids coatings applications. When blended with other low cost, solvents, DBE® esters are compatible with virtually all coil and sheet coatings resin systems. DBE® esters also serve as a coalescing agent in waterborne formulations.

Because they are non-flocculating, they provide greater color development in water-based, tinted industrial, and trade sale paints.

DBE® esters have been used successfully in coatings for over fifteen years, and continue to be used in new coatings formulations that comply with changing regulations.

Download the FlexiSolv® DBE Esters for Coatings Applications Technical Bulletin.